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The most scientific endurance training program customized version

  Enhancement of endurance is the enhancement of the body's ability to work on sustained muscles over a long period of time, and the enhancement of endurance does not only lie in the maturation of a person's physical development, but also depends on endurance compliance. And there are only two basic ways of endurance training, the first is by enhancing the training of muscles, and the second is to increase cardio training.

  One, lock a goal

  This is the most basic training method, lock a goal and gradually improve, adhere to the training, maintain patience, be stable and develop a long-term plan. Such as the development of a long-term reasonable running plan, each time in the specified time to complete training, etc.

  Second, efficient endurance training

  Running is a common endurance training method in daily life, this training method is long and has a large load; also through aerobic exercise, swimming and other ways, for example, swimming can control the speed of swimming and swimming time; speed training is also a way to quickly improve endurance, the speed of the body's stimulus response is more intense, so after the speed training should also do Even the relaxation of the muscles, so that the muscles get a process of regulation and recovery.

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  Third, improve cardio training

  Jogging is a whole-body exercise, can organize the whole body muscle movement, and in the core to assume the role of stabilizing the center of gravity, conduct the power, a strong core can let us run farther, run longer, the training process to maintain a steady and rhythmic breathing; brisk walking is also a way to improve cardio training, this low-intensity aerobic exercise, more suitable for people who just want to improve endurance, is a safe and efficient aerobic Training, fast walking to adjust the heart rate in time; jump rope is a high-intensity training way, by jumping rope can quickly hear the heartbeat, improve the heart rate, the whole body strength will explode in a short time, this is a daily adherence to fifteen minutes can achieve the effect of the way.

  Fourth, with the help of fitness equipment

  Through the use of fitness equipment in the gym, mainly to increase the training of strength, we can increase muscle endurance through the equipment, enhance the duration of muscle in high intensity, usually can be judged by the amount of muscle endurance, but the greater the muscle content, the stronger the endurance, the higher the calorie consumption.


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