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The best bounce training 15-week schedule

  Bouncing to how to train, there are quite a few training methods, and in the training methods, some methods are better, some methods are more general, and some people will develop some plans for better training, that bouncing training schedule is what, someone still understand.

  Monday: half squat jump

  At the beginning, half squat to 1/4 of the position, hands placed in front, jump upward from the ground at least 20cm to 25cm. (If you feel easy, you can jump to 25cm-30cm). When in the air, your hands need to be placed behind. When landing on the ground, finish once. Next, simply repeat the above steps.

  Tuesday: Sit-ups

  Sit-ups, fast up and slow down, 20 per set, three sets. Waist, to get help, you first put your entire waist below the bed, let your friends or family pressure, so that the whole upper body will be empty, and then let the head next to the ground, raised to the highest point to stop 1-2 seconds after slowly fall, each group of 20, 3 groups.

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  Wednesday: weighted squat

  According to personal ability, carrying a barbell, do squats, and heel lifting, fast up and slow down, one thing to say is that the waist must be straight, after doing the thigh muscles sore. The first two groups of 10 each, the third group of 13 to 15! If you can do it until you can't move, this should pay attention to safety.

  Friday: weighted step jump

  This approach is somewhat difficult, but the effect is obvious, allowing you to improve the bounce in a short period of time.

  Practice: dig a pit, about a meter deep (or look for such a height of the steps, short walls, etc.). Tie a 5-pound sandbag to your legs and jump into the pit. Try to leap out of the pit under weight.

  In accordance with this method of exercise for half a month, and then dig the pit 20 centimeters deeper, while the weight increased by 2-3 pounds, continue to practice.

  So on and so on, and finally to the time when you can no longer bear the weight, and can not leap from the pit, the exercise will end.

  Saturday: heel lift training

  Stand at a certain step (heel lift on the stairs or stand about 15CM above the ground) and keep practicing lifting.

  If you can stick to 1500 lifts in a day, first, feet apart, and shoulder width, then thighs and calves into 90 degrees. Waist and thighs then into 90 degrees, hands and body again into 90 degrees.

  Remember, must be straight, not a little bend. The time to tie the horse depends on the situation of the individual, you can slowly increase upwards. Generally just start to be able to tie 1.2 minutes on.


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